The Intermediate Year has the aim of helping the person reflect better on his vocation in order to continue to mature in all four aspects of formation: human, pastoral, intellectual and spiritual. Each seminarian is given the opportunity to experience a year outside the Seminary and embark on other projects, which can help him widen his view of the Church in today’s world.

Work phase

During this period it is expected that seminarians carry out some type of work experience. This can be of great benefit to gain a wider perspecive of life. It also gives them the opportunity to get first hand experience of what it means to be charged with work responsibility, while earning a salary.

Voluntary work

Here, the seminarian seeks to engage in voluntary work in some local institution or other. One here discovers other initiatives taken by lay people who dedicate their time and energy for some good cause.

Missionary work

This is perhaps the most awaited experience of all, where the seminarian embarks on missionary work abroad. While some opt to do missionary work in developing countries, such as Latin America, India, The Philippines or Africa, others opt to carry out missionary work in Europe, North America or Australia. This experience usually constitutes the bulk of the intermediate year and the seminarian usually inserts himself in a parish or community under the care of a trusted person.

Spiritual retreat

At some point or other of the intermediate year, the seminarian stops to reflect on how God has been speaking to him through all these experiences. This usually takes the form of a retreat done locally or abroad. Some opt for the one-month Ignatian retreat, many a time a milestone in one’s faith journey.