One of the duties of the priest is to pray for those entrusted to his care. One of the duties the deacon and the priest undertake on the day of their ordination is to pray for all of humanity. This they do through their prayer moments especially the Liturgy of the Hours, or as it is more popularly known, the Breviary. During Mass, the priest joins the faithful in offering their prayers for those in need. During their formation at the Seminary, seminarians also learn how to be sensitive to the various needs of others around the world. Seminarians learn to appreciate the great importance of the Prayer of Intercession especially as they are being formed to become sacraments of Christ, the Mediator. They are thus formed to become Masters of Prayer. Every morning they pray as a community the Liturgy of the Hours. During their daily Eucharist, the community expresses its prayers for the needy and humbly entrusts these persons in the hands of the Merciful Father. If you would like the community to pray for any particular intention, kindly fill in the form below and submit it.