The most important question one asks in life is “what am I going to do with my life?” or “what am I called to be?”

We believe that the greatest question one can ask is “What does God want me to be?” Life is a journey of self-discovery! We all have a calling, and finding it is the most fulfilling thing one could ever do. God could be calling you to get married, or to become a doctor, or perhaps He is calling you to become a priest. God is calling you. If only you would stop and listen you will hear His voice loud and clear.

The Church in Malta gives an opportunity to young men, who are seriously seeking God’s will for their life and are open to a call to the priesthood to stop for 6 months and seek God’s will, while being guided by a professional staff that is made up of Spiritual directors, Psychologists, Theologians, Priests, and professionals in various fields.

This phase of formation is known as the Propaedeutic Period. This period focuses on seeking God’s will and prepares an aspirant better for the major seminary through a deeper exploration of their vocation. Through spiritual, human and intellectual formation candidates are guided to deepen their vocational discernment, to grow in their relationship with God through a life of prayer, to be more aware of themselves and accept themselves, to acquire different skills needed to pursue their intellectual studies and to be acquainted with the cultural identity of the Maltese society.

This period includes different meetings between October and December, a residential phase from January to June and participation in a voluntary program throughout summer. In the residential phase, the Propaedeutics live together as a community at the Archbishop’s Seminary in Rabat Malta. This phase is centred on a solid life of prayer, which includes reflection on the Word of God, the celebration of the Eucharist daily, Eucharistic adoration, the examen prayer and spiritual reading. Besides, a structured program of lectures and experiences addressing the spiritual, human and intellectual elements that help a young man clearly understand if God is calling him to become a priest or not.

The 6 month residential program varies, and offers a vast array of activities ranging from academic studies, to social work experience. Such activities include; the study of languages, Human Formation, Introduction to Theology, Public Speaking, Sacred Art, Social Work (Volunteering at a local institution), Community Work, Team building activities, Cultural outings, Sports, and much, much more. Also during the summer months, the Propaedeutics participate in a voluntary program depending on what areas of their pastoral or personal aspects they feel that they need to develop.

Typical day in the life of a Propaedeutic:

• 6:00 Wake Up
• 6:45 Prayer and reflection (Prayer usually involves reading a Psalm and reflecting on the Psalm or Scripture passage through which they discern God’s word for them for that particular day.)
• 7:45 Breakfast
• 8:00 Cleaning of residential area.
• 9:00 Latin
• 12:00 free time
• 12:30 Lunch with the Seminarians
• 13:30 – 16:00 Rest and Free time
• 16:00 – 19:00 Human Formation (Other religious students join them for this course which is guided by a priest whose studies focused on this field.)
• 19:30 – 20: 30 Spiritual reading, Mass and Adoration.
• 20:30 – 21:00 Dinner
• 21:00 – 21:45 Recreation
• 21:45 – 22:00 Short moment of prayer and reflection.

For more information on the Propaedeutic period please contact Fr. Charlon Muscat on 79964557 / 21455497-8 or send him an e-mail on

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