Il-Bidu jiġi wara t-tmiem.

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Għadni niftakar il-mument tant emozzjonanti meta bdejt il-mixja tiegħi fis-Seminarju ftit tas-snin ilu u issa ġa wasalt fl-aħħar sena tiegħi ta’ formazzjoni fis-Seminarju u ser nibda fażi ġdida f’ħajti. Fi ftit ġranet oħra, jien flimkien ma’ erbgħa oħra minn sħabi ser niġu ordnati djakni. Huwa mument importanti ħafna f’ħajti għax b’dan il-pass ser ningħata b’mod iktar sħiħ lil Alla u lill-Knisja. Id-djaknu fil-Knisja tal-bidu kien l-id...

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An absurd gift

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Few things were as countercultural as The First Modern Pope’s bold statement in 1967. Then, amid the sexual revolution that was gaining momentum across the western world, Paul VI reaffirmed the practice of priestly celibacy in his encyclical letter On Priestly Celibacy. Needless to say, the instruction met strong opposition from all camps. Despite frequent calls for revision of this stance, the Church’s position remains unequivocal: prior to...

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Two young men vow celibacy

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“The vow of celibacy which today you are solemnly taking before us all is a willful decision which ultimately makes you indeed fathers – spiritual fathers – of the persons entrusted to you.” These were the words of Mons. Charles J. Scicluna during the homily of a mass on 20 October, 2013. During the mass, celebrated at the Archbishop’s Seminary, in Tal-Virtu’, Rabat, two young men, Brian Gialanze’ and...

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