Seminary formation culminates with the Ordination to the Presbyterate.

Seminary formation culminates with the Ordination to the Presbyterate.

From the 5th year of formation at the Seminary, each seminarian shall pass through different steps which will ultimately culminate in the Priestly Ordination. Below is a brief description of each step.


Admission to Holy Orders

By becoming candidates, the seminarians will publicly manifest their will to offer themselves to the Church to serve in the ministerial priesthood. While accepting their offering with joy, the Archbishop will call on the candidates to ensure that during the remaining years prior to their ordination, they will prepare themselves to worthily receive Holy Orders.


The Ministry of Lectorate

The Ministry of Lectorate marks another step in the priestly formation of the seminarians. As Lectors they are officially entrusted with the proclamation of God’s Word during the liturgy, the endeavour to help the faithful receive the sacraments worthily and share the message of salvation with their fellow brothers and sisters, especially those who have not yet experienced it.


The Ministry of Acolyte

The institution as Acolytes marks another important step in the seminarians’ formation for priesthood. As Acolytes they will assist priests and deacons in their ministry, distribute the Eucharist to their fellow brothers and sisters including the sick, continue to grow in their personal love for the Eucharist and above all, act and speak in such a way to be worthy servants of the Lord and the Church.


Ordination to the Diaconate

Through the ordination to the Diaconate, the new deacon is configured to Jesus Christ, the perfect ‘deacon’ who made himself the servant of all. The duties pertinent to the deacon comprise first and foremost to offer his life to serve others with love and dedication wherever needed; to assist the bishop and the priest during the celebration of the sacred mysteries, especially the Eucharist, to administer the sacrament of Baptism, to assist the celebration of marriage and bless the marital bond, to proclaim and preach the Gospel, and to lead prayers during the funeral rite.


Ordination to the Presbiterate

Through the ordination to the presbiterate, the deacon shares in the ministerial priesthood which finds its reason for being in light of the vital and operative union of the Church with Christ. As a result, through this ministry, the Lord continues to accomplish among his People the work which as Head of his Body belongs to Him alone. Thus, the ministerial priesthood renders tangible, especially through the sacraments, the actual work of Christ, the Good Shepherd.