A great little book for Advent

A group of seminarians in charge of animating the spiritual life of the community have come up with this tiny booklet, hardly bigger than a postage stamp, but which presents a short scriptural reading and an original prayer for every day of Advent till Christmas Day.

The reflections revolve around the four themes which the community are focusing on throughout this year, namely trust, contemplation, dialoge and peripheries.

The ingenuity of this finger-held book is that it presents incisive reflections for the Advent season, a time of spiritual preparation for the birth of Christ often dampened by the hectic activities of parties, lunches and gift-buying.

A number of GRUFAN (Grupp Familji Insara) couples who prayed vespers together with the seminarians on the eve of the First Sunday of Advent were given a booklet to join in with the spiritual preparations for Christmas.