A taste of the Joy of the Gospel

Dialogue,Hope, Contemplation and Peripheries are the four main themes  which our community is focusing on throughout this year. This is why we decided to have an input session from Leonard Callus, a lay person, to discuss his views on the latest Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii Gaudium. Below are some of the main points which arose during the discussion:

  • Pope Francis chose to write the Apostolic Exhortation in a more personal style choosing to write in the first person, something rather unique when compared to his predecessors.
  • A strong emphasis is put by the Pope on our personal encounter with Jesus. This is what ultimately constitutes our faith. [264-280]
  • The Pope urges us to be on the lookout to avoid being influenced by problems pervading society at large effecting even the Church. These include amongst others, consumerism.   [60, 70, 89]

    Mr Leonard Callus helped us discuss the Pope's latest document on Evangelisation in today's culture.
    Mr Leonard Callus helped us discuss the Pope’s latest document on Evangelisation in today’s culture.
  • Spiritual worldliness is one of the temptations of our time which can also effect our parishes. These include a purely subjective faith and a trust in one’s own power.  Compare [93-97]
  • The importance of the homily, which the Pope says must be similar to a mother’s conversation because it has to be practical and coming from the heart so that it can touch the heart of the listeners. [139-141]
  • Evangelisation  in this Apostolic Exhortation is an invitation to leave the shores of our comfort zones in order to give life to others.  [10]
  • What the Pope calls the Christian substratum of strong Christian tradition  is a reality which is also diffused across the Maltese islands. He is inviting us to use this opportunity to re-evangelise our culture  by using popular piety as a source. [68 ]

This is a crucial document in our formation towards priesthood. Another lay person who studied the document in detail is helping us devise a formation program based on the teachings based on these new ways of evangelisation.