World Mission Sunday

For this year’s World Mission Sunday, at the Seminary, we presented some information about the contribution that seminarians gave in the Church’s missionary work around the world during the past 10 years. The word mission itself means “to be sent,” and many of us, at some point, have heard this invitation to leave everything behind us and go transmit the good news of God’s mercy and hope, and most of all, of God’s love. We are invited to involve ourselves in the communities we go to, lend a helping hand and accompany those who need our help. We are called to become part of that community.1908434_726173790786834_512144901482838681_n

Many times, in our communities, we pray for the missionary work done by the Church around the world and for the people performing this vital work – the missionaries. We tend to think that to be a missionary, one must be adorned with extraordinary gifts, or be capable of surviving the most hostile conditions one can live in. Actually, we are ALL called to be missionaries. While it is true that some are called to leave everything behind and be missionaries in a foreign land, the reality is that we all have one common mission, that of spreading God’s love everywhere we go.