Spiritual Reflections on Love and Unity in the Johannine Community

This public free lecture takes place on Tuesday, 6th February 2018 at the Seminary Library, Rabat at 6 pm.

Prof. Kowalski will explain how while the author of John’s gospel narrates the Jesus’ story with reduced vocabulary, nonetheless he does so with spiritual depth and highly reflected theology. The author accompanies his addressees on a mystagogical path to Jesus, the Messiah and Son of God. As mystagogical teacher, he is able to direct his readers and listenersthroughout the centuries to the mystery of Jesus and the nature of an authentic Christian community. John’s theology and spirituality are two sides of one coin that are timeless, realistic and visionary at the same time. He definitely has a say in the matter of love and unity and can lead contemporary Christians to a deeper understanding of the faith.

Beate Kowalski is Chair of Exegesis and Theology of the New Testament at TU Dortmund University (since 2008).

Her research interests are Biblical Intertextuality, the Gospel of John, Revelation of John and Biblical Spirituality.

As lecturer / full time professor she has taught at the Universities of Bochum (1990-1995), Koblenz (2006-2008), Limerick (2004-2006), Munich (2002-2003), Paderborn (2003-2004), Passau (2004) and Siegen (1996-2000); she has been a Junior Fellow of the Catholic University of Louvain (2000-2002). As visiting (Erasmus) professor she has given lectures in Birmingham (2016; 2017), Jerusalem (2005; 2006), Malta (2018), Trichur (2015) and Warsaw (2009).

Kowalski is a member of the AKN, CBM and SNTS; she also serves as international faculty member of ‘Jesuit Worldwide Learning’ (2017).

From 1984-1990 she has studied Catholic Theology, History and Education/Philosophy at the Ruhr-University Bochum followed by a theological dissertation in 1995 on “The Good Shepherd Discourse (John 10:1-18) in the Context of John’s Gospel” (Bochum) and a Habilitation on 2003 on “The Reception of the Prophet Ezekiel in the Revelation of John”(Innsbruck). She has published internationally on a wide range of topics.

The general public is cordially invited to attend this public lecture.

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