“The Church is like a field hospital after battle”

The image, and vision of Church I relate to the most is that of a “field hospital after battle”, a place where the wounded are to be treated, helped, and healed, as described by Pope Francis. This in my opinion, should stem from the fact that “the church is the body of Christ in History” as Oscar Romero often proclaimed. That is why I believe that we need to be a Church who listens to the voice of God through the cry of the people of God. This I believe will produce a Church that is an expression of the creative love of God’s Spirit, resulting in a Church that is famous for its love.

A Church that is in dialogue with the world, a Church that is listening to the world, and a Church that is critical, yet has a sincere openness to human experience. I understand that such a vision of Church is not always easy, particularly when it means we have to let go of our cherished way of looking at things or reverse a long-held opinion. Yet I believe that, ultimately, we are called to be a discerning Church, and this is a great responsibility, as our desire should always be that of making right judgments in accord with God’s hopes for the world.