Forming Priests in a Post-Trump Era – Part 2

(You can read Part 1 of this article here)

Beyond the establishment and anti-establishment

Analysis of recent political trends reveals that there is a dissatisfaction with the “establishment” that is entrenched in its self-serving policies and not listening to the aspirations of the people. In this context, to portray oneself as “anti-establisment” can also become trendy. Yet, does this condone and justify a divisive, demeaning language that demonizes “the other”?

Beyond that, and more pertinent to our argument, is a priest…

Church to use new stratagem

That’s it. The Year of Mercy is ending and the doors will soon be closed. The celebrations have started with great fanfare in Malta and around the world, but now the time has come to find a new concept and buzz word, a new marketing stratagem to attract people.
Well, that could be one way of seeing things which follows a marketing perspective whereby one constantly keeps offering new offers, products and needs. Another way could be that of keeping in…

“I Thirst”

During this year dedicated to Mercy, Pope Francis canonized Mother Theresa, an inspirational person to all mankind. In every chapel that belongs to the Missionaries of Charity one finds a cross and the words “I Thirst” alongside. These remind us of the thirst that Christ has for each and every one of us.

During my time at university I have noted a thirst that many students have in their heart. Unfortunately many of them satiate this thirst with many worldly…

God is one illogical matrix…

Yes He Is! Trying to rationalize reality will sooner or later force one to conclude God is One Illogical Being. How is it that He loves us and yet He allows suffering, injustice and evil in the world?

Well, God might not be the only one! How can I explain my vocation to the priesthood as anything but illogical? After obtaining a Master’s degree in IT, and working for over six years in software

Jew Tiegħi jew Xejn

Dak li għaddej bħalissa madwarna jfakkarni fid-diska ta’ John Lennon “Imagine”. F’din id-diska John Lennon jidentifika żewġ problemi fid-dinja: il-problema tal-idealiżmu reliġjuż u l-problema tal-kontroll. Fil-Lvant Nofsani u n-naħa ta’ fuq tal-Afrika, kif ukoll naraw l-effeti tagħha fl-Ewropa, hemm kunflitti SFenech_Illummqajma minħabba l-idealiżmu reliġjuż. Filwaqt li fl-Ukrajna għandek kunflitt imqajjem minn kontroll fuq territorju. Għal dan John Lennon joffri soluzzjoni li kulħadd ikun l-istess u jaħseb l-istess, imma hija verament soluzzjoni?…

Apostleship of Prayer – November

Attached you will find a prayer proposal in English and in Maltese for the Pope’s Universal Intention for November.

The reflection rotates around the experience of solitude of a child.

Appostolat tat talb #finalNovember 2014

Novembru 2014

Lectio Divina – Opening up to dialogue with God

The Lectio Divina suggested for this week invites us to consider how ready we are to open ourselves to dialogue with God.

The dialogue between Abraham and the three visitors can help us reflect more on this.

For reference to the text and questions for meditation (PDF, Maltese), click on the following link; Lectio_Gen_18