Faith interfaces with science

The recent issue of 3-parent babies in the UK has again brought to the fore the Science-Faith debate. In this case, the Anglican and Catholic Churches have both voiced their concerns about this scientific possibility. But should they have spoken or should they have kept their place and refrain from interfering with what lies in the scientific sphere?CBugeja_SundayTimes (2)

The process of 3-parent babies involves removing the genetic material from the donor’s…

Praying for authentic economic development

The Pope invites people of different faiths to come together and pray:

That all may promote authentic economic development that respects the dignity of all peoples.

Getting started:

I sit in a comfortable place and try to leave the bustle of everyday life behind. As I sit I become aware of the sensation of my clothes against my skin, of the texture of the fabric. If I am wearing something uncomfortable, I adjust my clothes until I feel more comfortable.