Greatness in Humility

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The figure of Saint Joseph is a modest one in the New Testament. Yet despite his silence and lack of detail with regards to his life and death he is a strong pillar from which one can draw many inspirations. I, for one, am never at a loss of ideas when it comes to preach about Jesus’ adoptive father. Something singular about him strikes me as I turn my thoughts and prayers towards him. In fact, I wish to share a simple reflection on the...

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Faith interfaces with science

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The recent issue of 3-parent babies in the UK has again brought to the fore the Science-Faith debate. In this case, the Anglican and Catholic Churches have both voiced their concerns about this scientific possibility. But should they have spoken or should they have kept their place and refrain from interfering with what lies in the scientific sphere? The process of 3-parent babies involves removing the genetic material from the donor’s egg and...

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