Young men reflect on their journey

Throughout the month of November, adventurous teenagers in several parishes across Malta have put on their explorer’s hat, brought out their compasses and set out on their boats on an imaginary journey.

The exercise was one of the two vocational activities the seminarians hold in particular parishes as part of a vocational programme spread over a period of years, and which are done in collaboration with already existing catechism classes. Two seminarians are sent per parish and although this project is still in its second year, the outcome so far has been very positive.

The meeting consists of three parts. After an energizing ice breaker where the seminarians and the teenagers are introduced to each other, a discussion is developed about the differences and similarities, the vices and virtues of the explorer and the tourist.

The next step involves taking a sheet of paper, and, by carefully following the instructions given by the seminarians, fold it in such a way that a small paper boat is created.

The last part of the meeting develops into a discussion, where specific questions are read and reflected upon, some of which are found in the innermost part of the boat since they are more personal and involve more reflection and honesty.

It is never too early for the young man to start reflecting on the direction his life should take. One might not know immediately the final destination, but one can develop a taste for a sense of adventure and mission.