Last Monday…

Last Monday morning, at around 6:45, four youths gathered in a small chapel at the Seminary. Together with their co-ordinator they contemplated and prayed the Magnificat. Then together they reflected upon a passage from the Scriptures through which they discerned God’s word for them for that particular day. Breakfast followed and then they cleaned their residential area. At around nine their Latin lecturer arrived. For the following hours they were introduced to the language, which is so central to the Ecclesiastical tradition and culture. At 12:30 they joined the seminarians for lunch and after some time of rest, at 16:00, they initiated two group sessions on human formation. Other religious students join them for this course which is guided by a priest whose studies focused on this field.  The evening came to an end with spiritual reading, mass and adoration. After dinner they enjoyed some time of recreatation and the day came to an end with a short moment of prayer and reflection.

This is a particular day in the life of this year’s propaedeutics who started this residential phase at the Seminary in January to consider more deeply their vocation and whether they should join the Seminary community next September. In the next five months they will be guided in deepening  their vocational discernment, to grow in their relationship with Jesus through a life of prayer, to be more aware of themselves, to acquire different skills needed to pursue their intellectual studies and to be acquainted with the cultural identity of the Maltese society.

We shall keep them in our prayers that they may continue to deepen their relationship with the Lord while discovering more deeply his call for them. May they respond to him generously and wholeheartedly!

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