“I Thirst”

During this year dedicated to Mercy, Pope Francis canonized Mother Theresa, an inspirational person to all mankind. In every chapel that belongs to the Missionaries of Charity one finds a cross and the words “I Thirst” alongside. These remind us of the thirst that Christ has for each and every one of us.

During my time at university I have noted a thirst that many students have in their heart. Unfortunately many of them satiate this thirst with many worldly…

Apostleship of Prayer – June

Attached you will find a prayer proposal in English and in Maltese for the Pope’s Universal Intention for June.

This month’s reflection deals with how refugee challenges could enlighten one to reflect on what one can do to help.

gunju 2015

june 2015

God is one illogical matrix…

Yes He Is! Trying to rationalize reality will sooner or later force one to conclude God is One Illogical Being. How is it that He loves us and yet He allows suffering, injustice and evil in the world?

Well, God might not be the only one! How can I explain my vocation to the priesthood as anything but illogical? After obtaining a Master’s degree in IT, and working for over six years in software

Apostleship of Prayer – March

Appostolat tat talb #final

Attached you will find a prayer proposal in English and in Maltese for the Pope’s Universal Intention for March.
This month’s focuses on science and how it could be used both for our well-being as well as for our destruction.

March 2015

Marzu 2015

Diġa għaddew ħmistax!!

Diġa għaddew ħmistax!! Hekk bdejt ngħid miegħi innifsi filwaqt li naħseb minn dak kollu li għaddejt dawn l-aħħar ġimgħatejn. L-għada tad-9 ta’ Novembru, ħsibt li qed noħlom ħolma, iżda ma kinetx. Il-parruċċani, sħabi fost oħrajn, iħarsu lejja u jitbissmu x’ħin jarawni liebes ftit differenti, imma kont u għadni nħossni li bqajt l-istess persuna. Għalkemm bqajt bil-karrattru tiegħi, nemmen li l-Mulej qed jaħdem permezz tal-faqar tiegħi. Fija nħoss dik ir-responsabilta’ ta’ dak kollu lil wegħdt lil Alla quddiem l-Isqof u…

Catching a glimpse of Seminary life

A number of young men who attend the Minor Seminary took up the challenge of tasting seminary life through a weekend live-in. The theme of the live-in revolved around the relationship they have with their parents: their hopes and fears, their expectations and their difficulties.