Iż-Żagħżugħ: min hu? X’qed ifittex?

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Iċ-Ċentru Djoċesan tal-Vokazzjonijiet, flimkien mas-Seminarju tal-Arċisqof qed jorganizza Think Tank dwar IŻ-ŻAGĦŻUGĦ TA’ BEJN is-16 u l-20 SENA U L-VOKAZZJONI. Dan ser isir is-Sibt 12 ta’ Mejju, 2018. Kif l-aħjar nindirizzaw iż-żgħażagħ? Żagħżugħ li twieled qabel is-sena 2000, kif inhu differenti minn żagħżugħ li twieled wara? X’qiegħed ifittex iż-żgħażugħ ta’ wara s-sena elfejn? Kif l-aħjar li nakkumpanjaw liż-żgħażagħ ta’ bejn is-16 u l-20...

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Who is the deacon?

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Many are still confused when we say that we are going to be ‘ordained.’ Very often they understand that we are speaking of the priestly ordination, and are quite baffled to hear that there are 2 other (thus, 3 in total) degrees (types, groups) of ordination: the diaconate and the episcopate. The Catechism of the Catholic Church speaks of two degrees of ministerial participation in the priesthood of Christ: the episcopacy and the presbyterate....

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“You do not know what you are asking!”

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  “You do not know what you are asking” (Mk 10,38). It is with these words that Mgr. Charles Scicluna started his homily last Sunday in a Mass he celebrated with our community, family members and some thirty Minor Seminary students and their parents, during which six seminarians that will be ordained deacons on 30 October made their promise of celibacy. To bring out the profound meaning of celibacy the Archbishop borrows the words from the...

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